The story behind the first Gold Lion in Radio for TBWA\Frederick in #CannesLions 2014

Since the year 2011, homophobic bullying has been a subject that has earned a space in the Chilean public agenda. The fight for equal rights and marching because of this are recurring themes in the public and political opinion of the country. On March 27, 2012 this struggle became even more relevant after the murder of Daniel Zamudio, who at 24, died consequence of a brutal beating just for being homosexual. This was the beginning of a movement to legislate on issues of equality and gay discrimination. However, beyond the laws, there was lots of work to be done. That is how Todo Mejora was born, an organization that seeks to prevent teen suicide as a result of homophobic bullying, since Chile has one of the highest rates in Latin America regarding this issue.

Towards the end of the year 2013, TBWA\Frederick wanted to help with this cause and partnered with Julio Cezar Dantas, one of the creators of Todo Mejora Foundation in Chile, to work together, contributing from their experience: strategy and creativity.

So in January 2014 the “Disruption” Workshop took place (A tool of strategic-social-creative analysis developed by TBWA Worldwide that they have used with big brands), which aimed to solve the big problem the Foundation had, defining their main targets and a strategic hub for communication.


Under this premise, TBWA\Frederick’s mission was to change a reality by creating a new meaning for words such as “Gay”, “Lesbian”, “Bisexual”, or “Transexual” and replacing them with the word “Happy”. The fact of changing a “sexual” denomination for an “emotional” changed the scene from controversy and prejudice, to the universal sentiment of every human being: The search for happiness.

This simple fact allowed the creation of a campaign that could change a reality. And so the concept “I am Happy” was born.

The campaign was launched in May 2014 since it is the global month against homophobic bullying, with pieces being launched in social networks, magazines and radio.

For the radio piece, the agency sought out to create an auditory impact by recreating a meaningful situation for an LGBT person and their family, as is the critical moment of telling their parents the truth about their sexual orientation and showing the violent reaction they have in most cases, with the only difference being that throughout the whole dialogue the word “Gay” is replaced for the word “Happy”.

Finally, what this campaign sought out to do was to make all people, not just those who suffer discrimination but all alike, question the merely sexual connotation we all give as a society to the fact of being LGBT, replacing it with the authentic quest of every human being for happiness accepting themselves the way they are.

Eduardo Novión, Creative Director of TBWA\Frederick said that, “to us it is an honor to contribute with the first gold in the Radio category in Cannes Lions for Chile with a real campaign, one much needed within our society, which needs more people who dare to declare that they are happy.”

Julio Dantaz, from Todo Mejora stated that, “We are pleased with the victory of the Gold Lion at Cannes Lions. It reflects the team work and commitment of creating a life change through campaigns centered in love and dignity. We are amazed with the talented staff of TBWA Chile, and we see this as the first of many successes to saving the lives of children and creating a world that is more fair.”


Agency: TBWA\Frederick
General Creative Director: Eduardo Novión
Creative Director: Enrique Zúñiga
Copywriter: Carlos Rosales – Watón Frederick
Art Director: Sebastián Urrutia – Carlos Velasco
Account Director: Maximiliano Izquierdo
Planning Director: Gabriel Jefferies
Production Company: Solo Estudio
General Director: Julio César Dantaz
Communications Officer: Rodrigo Cornejo

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