Solidarios: The new currency created by Techo Peru to reduce poverty

The Peruvian NGO Techo Peru and the Peruvian agency Circus Grey present Solidarios, a new currency whose objective is to reduce poverty. Bills of different values that were designed by the graphic artist Fer Taboada, represent the major works carried out by the NGO in the poorest areas of the country.

“Peru is one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America, but despite this, more than 7 million Peruvians still live in poverty,” says the new face of the campaign, Augusto Alvarez Rodrich, in the TV commercial.

Nicolas Soto and Francisco Valenzuela, the Chilean duo that carried out the project say: “We wanted to create a new currency that would help specifically in fighting poverty. It is no news that the distribution of money is not fair in all of Latin America, the rich take a lot and the poor take too little. This new currency was made to work in favor of equality and poverty reduction.”

The campaign created by the advertising agency Circus Grey and executed by Saturno (filmmaker), was launched during a press conference in the auditorium of Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma in Miraflores, and was attended amongst others by Augusto Alvarez Rodrich, the management team of Techo and representatives of sponsoring brands.

On the 7th and 8th of August more than 3,000 Techo volunteers dressed as bankers and exchange houses installed in strategic points of the country allowed people to make donations by exchanging the Peruvian currency Soles for SOLIDARIOS.


General Creative Director: Juan Carlos Gómez de la Torre

Interactive Creative Director: Ricardo Llavador

Creative Directors: Emilio Díaz, Yasu Arakaki

Copywriter: Nicolás Soto

Art Director: Francisco Valenzuela

Account Team: Ivana Chávez, Lucero Ugarte.

Agency Production: Giselle Bedón

Filmmaker: Saturno

Division Director: Álvaro Luque

Director of Photography: Alonso Luque

Executive Producer: Sharon Andía, Luis Fernando Malpartida

Field Production: Alejandro Schuller, Miguel Rojas

Technical Production: Ricardo Ladrón De Guevara

Editing: Mariano Naters, Gustavo Napaico

Audio: Vinylo Sound

Director: Ricardo Nuñez

General Producer: Claudia Incio

Post production: Monica Shiroma

Musical Arrangements: Fito Zavalaga

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