Shoot in Chile at Cannes Lions 2015: Chile attracts audio-visual productions worldwide

By Paula Trivelli, Press Director of Shoot in Chile.

  • Chile Beach’ hosted by Shoot in Chile, will be located in La Plage du Rado, Boulevard La Croisette – on the edge of the beachfront between the Martinez and Carlton Hotel. Shoot in Chile will showcase why the country is one of the best options for filming commercials, documentaries and films in Latin America.

Each year the growing industry of production services in Chile caters to various international brands, attracted by the diversity and beauty of the locations in the country. Many of these customers return for the quality of service, the high level of technicians, the customs efficiency and range of high tech equipment.

In this context, arises Shoot in Chile, an alliance between the Association of Advertising Film Producers (APCP), Film Commission Chile and ProChile, who will host Chile Beach at Cannes Lions 2015. From the 23rd to the 27th of June, activities and lectures will be held to recognize what Chile can offer as a filming location to the world.

“Our country is establishing itself as a high standard destination for the development of audio-visual productions, not only because of location diversity but for the availability of cutting-edge equipment, specialized crew and an efficient cost proposal,” said Pedro Pablo Cabrera, CEO of Shoot in Chile.

Among other activities throughout the week, Chile Beach will carry out a ‘Conversation Series’, where the diversity of locations offered by the country will be showcased. The proximity of vastly different landscapes has termed the phrase “everything within two hours”, referring to the versatility of being able to shoot from the mountains in the morning to the sea in the afternoon. Meanwhile, attendees can also experience flavors of Chile, with wine & pisco sour tasting as well as sampling foods typical to the south of Chile.

This year, Shoot in Chile will also sponsor the ‘Young Directors Award’, to encourage new talent and promote the creativity of those starting out in the audio-visual industry.

“It’s the first time we are present at Cannes Lions as our own country. Our hope is that directors, producers and location scouts in advertising, film, television and photography from around the world get to know our country and dare to develop productions with us,” said Cabrera.

As well as attending Cannes Lions, Shoot in Chile will also be present at CICLOPE Festival in Berlin in October.

Why Shoot in Chile?

Chile is recognized for its beauty and unique geographical diversity, which offers a wide range of locations, including urban landscapes. Moreover, the proximity between locations with very different characteristics all can be within two hours of range. Being in the southern hemisphere, Chile is also against seasonality with the northern hemisphere, therefor it can offer many hours of sun and natural light when the north is in the winter season.

The reliability, transparency and security of the country also make Chile a safe place to film. The latest technical equipment and efficient customs facilities are also a significant advantage.

Chile has competitive technical equipment such as the “Russian Arm”, which enables shooting with a moving vehicle, and the ‘MILO’, which enables computer controlled equipment to generate motion special effects. Furthermore it is the only country in Latin America that has the ATA card, which facilitates the temporary entry of goods and equipment.

Locations and Productions in Chile

Illuminous Skies

The extraordinary quality of the air has turned Chile into a natural laboratory for astronomy, hosting some of the world’s most important observatories.
Chile’s Paranal Observatory hosted Daniel Craig and the cast of the film “Quantum of Solace” to film key scenes for the James Bond franchise.

Volcanic Landscape

Chile has one of the largest volcanic chains in the world, with more than 2,000 volcanoes and 500 considered to be geologically active. That is why this year’s Toyota global campaign brought the world-famous Andy Ryan Millen to test the TRD Pro van on the slopes of volcanoes in southern Chile, where “only Toyota has gone before”.


Declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the city is considered the capital of bohemia, culture, cuisine and tourism. With 44 different hills full of colorful wooden buildings, it offers a unique architecture that last year hosted the 7UP world campaign, which brought seven famous DJs to light up different cities and gathered thousands of Chileans to watch world famous, DJ Tiësto.

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