“Protecting those who protect us”, a new campaign by RayGun for Banco Big Portugal

Sadly, every year several firemen die or are injured in fires. Mostly because they lack proper protection. As a responsibility campaign, Banco BIG decided to protect those who protect all the Portuguese.

Specialized industrial designers, together with firemen designed the safest firemen equipment in Portugal. An integrated campaign invited people to donate. The bank doubled the amount donated by the people to produce more safety suits.

In the end of this campaign developed by the agency RayGun based on Lisboa, over 300 new safety suits were produced, for more than 60 fire stations all over Portugal. Protecting these brave men and woman, so they can keep protecting all the Portuguese population.

  • 140,000 € collected
  • +400% increase in donations
  • Over 300 tailor made safety suits
  • Citeve certification
  • ISO 13688 approved
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