Online ad spending increased by 22% in Chile during the year 2013

Online ad spending in our country experienced a significant growth during the year 2013, reaching CLP$65.331 million. This was revealed by the latest annual report issued by IAB Chile, which showed that the industry had an increase of 22% compared to 2012.

“These favorable figures confirm that the digital industry is key for companies, that it has turned into a dynamic market which constantly presents new opportunities, and that it is an advertising alternative that brands can no longer exclude from their marketing strategies,” said Rodrigo Saavedra, general manager of IAB Chile.

Just as in the rest of the world, in Chile consumers are increasingly using the Internet – particularly through smartphones and tablets. According to Subtel data, 73% of internet access is mobile, reaching 5.5 million connections on these types of devices. This is why “brands don’t want to stay out and are opting to use digital communication, adding it to their media mix. The 2013 online investment shows that this is a solid and evolving industry, that every day advertisers trust more to achieve their results,” explained Patricia Vergara, director of research, IAB Chile.

According to the evolution that investing in digital media has had in our country during the past few years, and in line with what is happening in the rest of the world, it is expected that online steps in to first place, ahead of traditional media. “Interactive communication is growing exponentially worldwide and proof of it is that online investment in the U.S. during 2013 outperformed all other sectors, ranking in first place,” explained the IAB researcher.

Investment growth in Chile

Regarding the evolution that digital ad spending has experienced during the last decade in our country, the figures indicate that between 2003 and 20013 it has grown more than CLP$61 billion, showing a clear and sustained upward trend.

During the year 2013, investment in digital marketing focused its growth in the last quarter, reaching approximately CLP$19.472 million pesos. Furthermore, the period that registered the greatest increase from 2012 was the second quarter with a 34% growth, reaching CLP$15.526 million pesos in investment.


“The growth of digital investment in Chile is aligned with the Latin-American figures, which reach 20% and are even greater that the global investment, which is of 15%. The diversity of digital platforms that currently exist accelerate and help deepen the media convergence, allowing us to estimate that the growth of online ad spending for 2014 will remain on double digits,” said Gloria Lobos, CEO of Initiative media agency and director of IAB. 

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