Lions Innovation seeks to transform the use of Data into pure inspiration

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125 speakers, 33 hours of content, three stages. With a full two-day schedule of seminars, demonstrations, awards and networking events in place, the countdown to the first Lions Innovation has begun.

“We set out to explore the power of data and tech to drive ideas and showcase their impact on branded communications,” said Lions Festivals Chairman, Terry Savage. “And in doing so we’ve curated a programme that provides direction for those already embracing innovation, confidence to those trying to come to grips with it and recognition for the luminaries leading the way.”

Oracle Data Cloud General Manager, Omar Tawakol, will examine the way big ideas are being re-defined by Big Data, and how this is changing the culture of creativity. DigitasLBi’s Chief Creative Officer, Chris Clarke and Chief Data Scientist, Jason Kodish, will demonstrate in real-time how data can help scientists and storytellers work together. And Mindshare and Lightwave will co-create a live audio visual performance fusing art and analytics while Hakuhodo will provide perspectives on how data can lead us to happier lives.

Transformational tech, from beacons and wearables, to the IoT, robots and VR, will be the interactive centerpiece of Lions Innovation.

Softbank Robotics’ Director, Kaname Hayashi, and Dentsu’s Executive Planning Director, Koichi Yamamoto will introduce Pepper, the world’s first personal emotion-reading robot. While Kyle Nel, Executive Director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs, the home improvement retailer’s disruptive technology arm, is bringing OSHbot – the autonomous retail service robot poised to change the face of customer service.

With wearables transforming customer experiences, we explore whether wearers are really ready to invite brands in. IronSource’s Head of Mobile and Global Brand Partnerships, Chris Cunningham, will navigate the burgeoning privacy issues and how to blur the lines between design and technology for multi-channel relevance. Urban Airship will bring a world of new wearable experiences to life and give a glimpse of what’s on the horizon.

Future realities are also on the agenda. In a ground-breaking augmented reality/virtual reality session, Chris Milk, Director, Artist, Founder/CEO of Vrse, Augmented Reality Expert and Author Dr. Helen Papagiannis, Jerry Hudson, VP of Future Experiences at Moxie and Ted Schilowitz, Futurist, 20th Century Fox will demonstrate the capabilities of the “technological 4th dimension” and show how the world is becoming a canvas for new ideas. Framestore and R/GA explore the creation of immersive human experiences using VR technology. And Amir Rubin, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sixense together with Valerie Carlson, Executive Creative Director and Virtual Reality Lead of SapientNitro look at applications to leverage VR outside gaming and entertainment.

And ideas born of innovation will connect the Festival to its creative heart.

Amit Sood, Founder of the Google Art Project and Director of Google’s Cultural Institute will discuss the partnership with over 700 global cultural institutions which brings together millions of artworks and artefacts in a virtual platform, enhancing the way we experience social and cultural wonders. Luke Eid, Global Director of Innovation, TBWA Worldwide will present the results of a comprehensive study into hundreds of innovations in business and creativity, revealing a set of common paths to ideas. The Supergroup will break down boundaries blocking new ideas and prove that everyone can be a maker. Industry legend Chuck Porter will join long-time CP+B clients Dominoes to discuss how innovation unearthed unique ways to resonate with consumers and culture. And David L Shrier, Managing Director, MIT Connection Science and Jeremy Morgan, Partner, Organisational Engagement, Lippincott will show us how to engineer optimal workspaces for incubating innovation.

Added Lions Innovation Festival Director, Rob Dembitz, “We are excited to hear these new voices speaking and see new companies engaging with us through Lions Innovation. It’s a representation of how the industry has evolved and where it is heading. The advancements are at times breath-taking and we look forward to recognising new heroes in this space.”

Lions Innovation takes place 25 – 26 June. Further information including the full content programme can be found at

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