Fashion Killers, an hyperlocalized marketing game by FCBMAYO

Fashion Killers is a hyperlocalized marketing action, supported by an online game for mobile devices that can only be activated at our shopping center, Plaza del Sol, located in Ica, a main city in Peru. It is geared towards men accompanying their wives or girlfriends while they shop. We wanted to bring the guys together through a competition system, appealing to their common feeling of frustration from waiting hours while their partners shop for clothes, precisely with a game that allows them to “destroy clothes” in a fun, cathartic way. With this game, we are able to increase the amount of time our primary customers (women) remain at the shopping center and, therefore, the amount they spend. They couldn’t shop calmly because they knew that ‘someone was waiting.’ We understood that this time we didn’t need to talk to them, but rather to their husbands and boyfriends. The time they spent waiting would provide the perfect opportunity to reach them during their trip to our mall by sending them a message that they identified with and would act on. There was tension in this situation that we used to our advantage.

Target audience:

Through our secondary target, we were able to have an effect on our primary target. However, we needed to establish ties with them because they were a cold target, so we focused on the fact that their role in the mall is mostly to accompany the shopper. Going along on a shopping trip is boring, so we gave them something they would appreciate at a time like that: entertainment. At the end of the day, that would mean their companions could spend more time shopping.

How it works:

We developed a game on a mobile website in the HTML5 format, which was activated exclusively with the shopping center’s WiFi. In this manner, we ensured that users could experience thissolution at the appropriate time, exclusively when they were waiting while their partners shopped.

Frequency of use over time produced a ranking of the top scores and users. The experience was completed by the chance to win instant prizes, which provided a transition from online to offline that was very attractive to the target.


Customer response was enthusiastic. During our first weekend, we achieved the following results: At 61% of the stores, the average sales ticket increased compared to the same period in 2014, as much as 300% in some stores. Traffic in the mall increased up to 63% compared to the same period in 2014.

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