Deenty, a new platform for accessing dental healthcare

Finding a good dentist that you trust is never easy, especially when the only way to get to know them is by getting an appointment. Most people wouldn’t like to go to a dentist to get a dental treatment without knowing what it’s about or what the professional’s credentials are.

Well, thanks to Deenty, accessing this information is now possible in a simple way. Deenty is a website through which anyone can access information regarding dental treatments, their values, the professionals who perform them and the dental centers where they are performed. It is available in the Chilean regions of Temuco, Antofagasta, Punta Arenas and Santiago. In order to use it all you have to do is enter the site, seek the treatment according to your preferred location, pick the professional that best fits you and schedule an appointment. In fact, if you do not have clarity in the treatment you require, there is an option to request an evaluation.

At first glance, this probably sounds a lot like Medko or AgendaSalud but really the focus is quite different. As the founder, Luis Felipe Rodríguez explains, “Deenty was developed as a tool that provides transparency to its users so that they can make the decision to go to the dentist and go as informed as possible.” So, rather than being an appointment scheduling tool, what the platform seeks to do is resolve the questions many of us have before we even decide to go to a dentist in particular. Besides the treatment values, in Deenty you can also find explanations about dental treatments and background information on professionals.

Each professional that appears in Deenty’s list was carefully selected. This is due to the fact that the website works alongside OdontoAsistencia (a company dedicated to providing dental care) and each professional initially must go through a rigorous selection process and evaluation. Among the selection elements are aspects such as complaints filed against them, college studies, postgraduate studies, the clinic’s equipment, etc. As it should be when it comes to health, nothing is left to chance.

The entrepreneurial road

To carry out an entrepreneurship and for it to be successful is not an easy task. First you have to have the clarity that your project will have users or people who at least are interested in it, and something similar to that is what led Luis Felipe Rodríguez to create Deenty. He explains that the idea came up after a friend suggested he make an offer on dental treatments in Groupon. He agreed to it and was struck by the fact that on that occasion he sold over 400 coupons in just one day. “This aroused my curiosity regarding the phenomenon of selling dental treatments through the internet and I started researching on the dental market,” he explains. That’s how he thought up the idea of selling dental treatments but with the added bonus of all the information (values, types of treatments, etc.) being as clear as possible.

Currently, the platform works on two business models: charging fees for treatment, and annual subscriptions for dentists and dental clinics. Another aspect that stands out of Deenty is that it offers its clients benefits such as discounts. A strategic alliance made with OdontoAsistencia allows them to offer special rates to each user accessing the service.

Now thanks to this new tool, many people won’t have an excuse and it will even be easier for them to access dental care close to their locations and to also save money on it.