Daniel Marcet “FIAP Festival is the festival that gives the most added value to agencies”

We spoke with Daniel Marcet, CEO of Festival Iberoamericano de Publicidad (FIAP) that will be held in Miami this April 28, 29 and 30th. Among so many festivals, we wanted to know what was so outstanding about FIAP and how it would benefit the agencies that participate in it.

FIAP has evolved from when it was done in Buenos Aires, and now it takes place in Miami. What doors has this change opened?

Having landed in Miami has given the FIAP the possibility of interacting with large advertisers and media from U.S.A., as with regional media based in the country. In addition to being able to access speakers that would otherwise have difficulties in getting to Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, the objective of having installed the FIAP Festival in Miami is that it was a great way for them to know what is going on in our region, from U.S.A. to the world. And I think year after year that is happening more and more.

What are the big surprises of this year? Since participating agencies can benefit from this event afterwards, is there a posterior networking occasion?

More than surprises, I would talk about news since the priority today is the consolidation of FIAP in its new headquarters. Among them are prominent conferences of outstanding speakers such as Rupert Murdoch and Robert Rodríguez, amongst many others, and the launch of the “Independent Creativity on Social Networks” discipline, that gives everyone the possibility – media professionals or not – to compete with videos, photos, texts, etc. that are uploaded on social networks, and to make a spot within the festival for the most current way people have to communicate, which is also a constant source of inspiration for creatives.

FIAP was the first festival to conduct a “road show” throughout the year, through its post FIAPs around the entire region and the world, which not only hands out local awards won by each country, but also presents The Best of FIAP, a reel with the best works of the year, which is accompanied by social activities in several countries.

That is why we say that on the night of the awards ceremony the festival is not over, it is just starting since the diffusion the FIAP gives ibero-american creativity just beings with those presentations that even reach Asia.

The Cup is another added value that the FIAP gives agencies in our region throughout the year, since it not only gives them the possibility of adding score points on the most important advertising ranking of the world, but it is also a meeting point filled with interesting markets.

What you just mentioned, is that what differentiates FIAP from other international festivals?

Besides being the only festival in our region that allows agencies to compete in The Cup and to add up score points in the world ranking of the industry; is it also the only one that shows how the judging process takes place live to the audience, a way to confirm that its prizes are the most serious, honest and transparent; it is the only one that makes permanent homage to all those that have left a mark in iberoamerican communications, through the Hall of Fame; the only one that in addition to judging in a traditional manner awards prizes to ideas regardless of the means they used, through La Copa de Iberoamérica; the one with the most complete schedule of presentations that even reaches countries likes Russia, Slovenia, Thailand, England or France, and cities such as Istanbul, Berlin or Shanghai; and the only one which offers free shipping of online pieces of work, among many other benefits.

And starting from this edition, the first one to award prizes to homemade work created for social networks.

What advice would you give to the agencies that have not yet decided to participate this year, or have never participated?

This competition is one of the most direct ways to achieve success, because it motivates us and drives us to excel. FIAP Festival is the festival that gives the most added value to participating agencies and the one that most contributes and has contributed along its 45 years in the industry. That is why my recommendation is to be selective when choosing in which festivals to participate, and analyze what each of them can give you.

Some futurology, how do you see the creative advertising industry in 2020?

I think it is already a huge challenge to think five years ahead. To speak of the year 2020 is impossible given how incredibly fast our industry is changing, thanks to the new media, new technologies, social networking, new transmedia platforms and the changes in different ways of developing content among many other factors.

Undoubtedly everyone and everything will keep evolving until it amicably breaks into the lives of consumers, getting them involved in the messages through interactive actions and contents with a great storytelling component, in which each person will become part of the message.

Once Massimo Martinotti, a content producer told me a phrase that I think would describe in a simple way where the messages are headed today. He said: “Before, messages ended with a period, today thanks to the new media they can end with a coma and the consumer can close them according to their reality and point of view.” I’m convinced that that’s the future of the communications industry.

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