Cristián ‘Ritalin’ León is McCann Santiago’s new V.P. of Digital Integration

‘Ritalin’ is one of the first creatives that was integrated in Chile. During six years he led creatively at MRM Santiago, was a member of the creativity committee of IAB since its foundation and is a well-known lecturer on brands in the digital era.

Today, after two years of having returned to the “mother ship”, McCann Santiago, Cristián León has been promoted to Vice-President of Digital Integration. A sign of a new era in the agency; one of Chile’s largest.

What is McCann Worldgroup’s vision on digital inclusion? The one that you have to implement in the Santiago office?

Since I left the creative direction at MRM Santiago, two years ago, my mission at McCann has been to help “upgrade the operating system” of the agency. In two years, we have redesigned the way in which we work, in order to expand the agency’s delivery. An agency that thinks integrated ideas, from the root, with a strong focus on conversations between brands and people.

Digital velocity is one of our greatest priorities.

At McCann Worldgroup, digital velocity is one of our major global priorities. And actions such as the Post Graduate Degree on Digital Integration (developed alongside Universidad del Pacífico, and exclusive property of McCann), which over half of the agency has taken, talk about more than just an isolated effort. It is a complete change of vision.

Specifically in my role with Fernando Fascioli, CEO of McCann, we are very aligned in the idea that this is not just an “area”. On the one hand we are growing strong in Social Media and Digital Content, but parallel to that, we are working on McCann’s integrated campaigns. And that is team work, not from an isolated “digital” team. This is a work made by each and every one of us, that has given us good results, both creative (Taxi by Coca-Cola won 4 Achap Awards a few months ago) and business-wise.

What has been the clients’ reception to Digital Integration?

That’s where I was going. This last semester, we have seen an explosive growth. And it is quite logical: Why have an isolated digital agency, if the brand experts have always been massive agencies? Our added value is that: integration. Real.

Being able to enhance conversations and digital channels; being able to understand our consumers from social networks to enhance our search for insights. And to also optimize budgets (and even time!) with a truly integrated view. It’s a constant cycle, where digital is no longer a means but the system that makes it all come together. The glue of our communications.

You’ve just been named VP of Digital Integration. What will this change mean for the agency, both in teams and processes?

Personally, it is a tremendous professional landmark. And a sign that indeed this is serious. In terms of processes, it’s a huge “turbo” which involves structural changes that we were already doing little by little: further expanding our Social Media area, social listening, channel planning and domestic production. And on the other hand, giving greater capabilities to formerly “traditional” teams of the agency, in this new structure that in terms of final product, now has three vice-presidents: Creative, Strategic Planning and Digital Integration. Three absolutely collaborative areas aligned in a process that began two years ago, to turn into the leading agency of the digital era.

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