Chilean green app reaches goal on crowdfunding platform a week before finishing campaign

A week before meeting the deadline, allGreenup, the Chilean app that rewards users for caring for the environment, reached its goal on the main crowdfunding platform in the world, Indiegogo. The campaign, which received more than 12,000 visits in two months, added funds to expand this project throughout Latin America and to create an English version to enter the United States.

The success of this campaign, which already surpassed the initial goal of $ USD15,000 gives a new boost to a community that already has over 12,000 users in 17 countries in the continent. allGreenup is a free app available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that delivers information and rewards its users for recycling, using a bike, carpooling among other sustainable actions.

“To have reached the goal on Indiegogo gives us validation and confidence in the steps we are taking, it’s a great milestone to begin our internationalization towards the United States,” says Andrés Luongo, CEO and Co-Founder of allGreenup. “It’s a very auspicious start, to see that truly there are people who believe as much as we do in this project, that they are willing to donate money so it can keep on growing.”

allGreenup B

The Indiegogo milestone coincides with the recent certification of allGreenup as a B Company. With this certification, it positions itself as the first application to receive this certification in all Latin America. B Companies are those that combine social and / or environmental benefits with profits. At the moment, there are already 1,063 such companies in 34 countries worldwide. In Latin America, 119 have been certified, of which 55 are from Chile.

As a Certified B Company, allGreenup voluntarily integrates high performance standard to focus on better solving social and environmental problems of the planet. “More than a difficulty, it´s an opportunity” is how Sebastian Luongo, CCO and Co-founder of allGreenup, views it.

“We are very excited to be part of this global movement – he adds – as allGreenup we have always thought there is a better way of doing business and that our success will be measured by offering a real contribution to our society and the planet. Being the first app in Latin America, puts us at the head of a powerful shift towards more sustainable policies and with a more positive impact.”

“We really like the phrase that describes B Companies and already have made it ours. We do not want to be the best company on the planet. We want to be the best company for the planet. “

The Impact of allGreenup

In terms of impact, the allGreenup community speaks for itself: it has already generated over 100,000 sustainable actions, including recycling 21 tons of waste, reduction of 58 tons of CO2; has saved more than 64 trees and has avoided the use of more than 23.25 gallons of oil. Their expectation is to amplify by a thousand their impact, capturing 1% of mobile phone users on the continent. A challenge within their grasp knowing how the apps market behaves today. And now have been fueled up with new energy having seen the success of the campaign and their new B company certification.

About allGreenup

allGreenup is a free mobile application available in over 17 countries in America for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone that in addition to delivering environmental information and measuring your ecological impact, rewards you every time you do sustainable actions. When you recycle, go to work on a bike, share your vehicle or read tips on saving energy, you win “green points” that you can then turn into prizes or donations to organizations working to make the world a better place. Winners of the Imagine Lab Competition by Microsoft, they are currently in their business accelerator.

What is a B Company:

A B Company combines profit with the solution to social and environmental issues aspiring to be the best company FOR the world and not just in the world. These are companies that use the power of the market to accelerate the solution of social and environmental problems. B Companies, to be certified as such, must go through a rigorous certification process where they are assessed in all areas of action: governance, labor practices, environmental and community and business model practices. They are driving companies of a new responsible economy that redefines success, based on the well-being of people and nature.

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