Centro Innovo opens financing program for high-tech startups

As part of the second meeting of the Technological and Scientific Entrepreneurs Network held last Thursday August 28th, Centro INNOVO of the University of Santiago opened the application process of the “FromLabtoMarket” Program, a fund supported by CORFO to help with financing, international networks and specialized advisory for national high-tech startups.

This initiative aims to accelerate high-tech startups in areas of engineering, life sciences and information technology, through funding of up to 60 million pesos.

“The idea is to empower startups able to apply scientific and/or technological knowledge to solve problems, improve processes or generate disruptive innovations beyond possibilities,” said the director of INNOVO Center, Luis Lino.

“The process will be open in between August 28 and November 2 for startups based on frontier technologies, which is to say that they present relevant technological development and are at an early stage of commercialization,” explained the executive in charge of the program, Daniel Lopez.

More information can be found here.


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